#sexySaturday there are many #sexy alluring #fetish clips of me at www.clips4sale.com/store/47130 go check it out :) 

#sexySaturday there are many #sexy alluring #fetish clips of me at www.clips4sale.com/store/47130 go check it out :) 

My goodness, it's so refreshing to see someone with intelligence that knows how to take shit and then dish it right back out the way you do. Bravo, Miss Samantha :)

Why thank you my darling :)

When did you know you wanted to be an adult entertainer?

Was a stripper at 21 years old, there was no web back then. Got into porn at the age of 30, now I am 44 years old. So been an adult entertainer for 23 years.  Guess one might call that a long career :)

Your Boobs are Yummy and I'd recognise them from 500 paces

haha that happens a lot to me :) by guys and girls

What's the thing you look for the most in someone you want to befriend? What's the thing that will make you deny someone your friendship?

Honey do you think I am naive enough not to know why men want to be friends with me?  Come on, so it really isn’t friendship you or other men offer me but a chance at your dick.

  Cause if you wanted friends you just go out into the world & make them no matter who or how someone looks.   But noooo to search out a big boob porn star & say you want to be friends is because you want to fuck the girl only if in theory to have a chance.

    I have many friends that have been there from broke & homeless to the good times without a thought as to how big my boobs are.  That friendship happened in real life & not on the web. 

   When men on the web offer to be my friend, I know better. Plus, I am on the web to make money.  Got plenty of friends.   Men who offer friendship on the web want my time for free to chat , to talk, to get naughty all for FREE!  How insulting, instead of taking me private on Streamate or joining my site & getting business done the right way you want to play the friend hand.   NO

   Or are you assuming because I’m in porn that I’m lonely & dont have friends & you will be the one I tell all my deep dark secrets to.  Oh, please. 

    Have not heard this bullshit since myspace days.  

    Do friendship happen between my fans & I, yes, occasionally, but they didn’t come at me this way.  



Has your experiences in porn made your standards very high for sex in personal life?

I had high standards before, how can one not? So I don’t get the question. You only want to have mediocre sex not passionate ecstasy? 




My wife and I watched a scene you did with Manual Ferrara Raw #4. Holy Hell that was awesome. Probably my favorite scene I have ever scene. It felt so natural and that there was a real connection between the 2 of you. You also seemed like you were having a very fun time and the joking/banter between the 2 of you really made it a great vid to watch. Hope yall 2 pair up again in the future!!

Thanks it was an awesome shoot. 

Who in their right mind would be embarrassed by you in any shape or form?

haha Most men can’t take me getting so much attention in public. 

Do you live to eat, or eat to live?

Life is a bit of both :)

Do you like to read? If so, what genres do you like? Favorite authors? Favorite books?

I used to but due to reading on the web all day long with twitter & camming, over it. :P