Do you like cum? but litteraly A LOT cum?!

That is a guy thing, like a gay guy thing.  Females aren’t into it at all, porn stars only pretend to be. Only MEN worry about the siZe of a load

Are you familiar with porn star Byron Long? I'd love to see you work with him.

Long as you finance the shoot, sure. That will be $5000 cash please

The reason you're successful for so long in this business is because you are true performer who works hard to please her fans. I really enjoy you

:) thanks

Would you ever fist yourself in a movie? Or did you ever fist yourself honey?

Not physically possible for me to do. NOR am I willing to risk losing my billing or camming contracts over an illegal act.  




Want to know why i love wearing animal print? So i can be hunted down & shot at by big dicks lol

Want to know why i love wearing animal print? So i can be hunted down & shot at by big dicks lol

I think the men commenting on your most recent tumblr post about that guy in the restaurant are TOTALLY not connected with reality. Like, how can men actually sit there and type out, that they think some dude watching porn in public is perfectly fine and acceptable? Really? I find that totally tactless and just plain rude of that man, AND completely idiotic there are men on this site that are acting like some dude trying to get off in public is A-okay. Uhg. Some people =/

  Well, it does seem that I am pissing them off with that post. Which does make me laugh.   I have to wonder, would they want to sit at that same table & eat their meal. Right where a man possibly jacked off & left sperm all over the table.   

      They know what I did

was right.  

   As a cam girl or porn star I’m used to dealing with old perverts & calling them out as one. LOL

    Thank you though<  i saw your responses & for reaching out to me. Sweetheart.  Don’t let those losers upset you.  We should be upsetting them instead.  It is how I amuse myself. :) flipping the script.

Much love to you dollface

I love JOI, and your vids are the best! Maybe it's the way you say "jack off", or how it seems you really do enjoy telling us to jack off... but, keep 'em cummin!

Thanks, wasn’t into at first, but now I am totally getting into it. :)

Porn in Public

   Went to Burger Fi for dinner, walked past this 80 yr old man & saw he was watching porn on his phone. Told the manager who was like 25, he politely asked the guy to quit.

    Few minutes later the old guy got up & asked for the manager. He was pissed off that he had to stop watching this barely legal 18 yr old girl get fucked. Poor manager didnt know what to do. SOOO I stepped in & called him out on it LOUD, how shameful he was watching porn in the middle of a burger place instead of at home. I kept on shaming him until he was out the door & gone.

   There is a time & place for watching porn, Where I go to eat isn’t it. 

Sam, judging from your responses you seem to be a high maintenance woman.

haha You are correct. There is no such thing as a low maintenance kind of woman, if they say they are then they are lying

Are there any other veteran male porn stars besides Sean Michaels and Shane Diesel that you'd like to work with?

But of course, Christain, Manuel Ferrara, Mr Pete, Derrick Pierce, Tony Rubino, John Anthony, Mark Anthony, Brannon Rhodes