What kind of socks are you going to wear for bruskie444's pic? I mean there are so many choices you would think for such a specific pose and "outfit" they might have atleast given you a color choice :)

haha Yes, let us pretend I do custom pics & videos.  Cause I sooo do not have the patience for such endeavors.

I love how my balls taste, my meatballs that is. ;)

I love how my balls taste, my meatballs that is. ;)

Flashing you hehe

Flashing you hehe

I'm a big fan , I jus wanna know if you can post some pics of you in jus socks ?? Bent over your bed

Do NOT know how I could do that in a #selfie. You try it & see if you could do a pic like that…

All eyes on me, always

All eyes on me, always

You should submit to revengeshots blog. Their kik is tumblrsubmissions

The law is the law, revenge or not. I need proper releases, IDs & 2257 forms filled out to post nude pics of other people.  Suggesting I break the law is wrong to me. 

Yes, many other do that, break the law. But remember in the eyes of the law ignorance of it does NOT hold up in court at all. 

You do realise you'll still be getting top dollar many years from now ? you will be a legend

I realize that hard work, putting in effort everyday & being smart about it all & doing your own thing is what it takes no matter how old one is. 




youre tits are nice .. what do say to my body??

I say join www.Samantha38g.com :)

Were you nervous on your very first shoot?


You are very beatifull,Why are you doing this job?

Cause I get paid. Why does anyone work? $$$